1. Let the design breathe. White space and padding around key elements is a good thing. Be sure not to overcrowd your design and end up with an overly busy home page. Controlling your white space will keep visitors focused on the content and better drive user flow.
  1. Consider the user experience throughout the entire site, not just the home page. Often people think that the home page will always be the “first impression.” Sometimes the home page is the first landing page that visitors see, however about 50% of the traffic will probably land on a sub-page first, before ever seeing the home page.
  1. Always keep your call to action in mind. You need to clearly identify what the goal of the site is and what you would like your visitors to do while on your site. It is important to put thought into your call to action and continue to reinforce the message as often as possible.

Sometimes this call to action (CTA) is one of the following:

  • Sign up for my newsletter
  • Call me
  • Make an appointment
  • Download a pdf or brochure
  • Fill out the contact form
  • Find directions