Google Adwords

Google Adwords Logo SquareGoogle Adwords is a tool that allows you to bid on a list of keywords and offer up an ad for your website. When someone in your area searches for a service or product, your listing can be shown at the top of the search page. The concept is called Pay-Per-Click (PPC). The amount of money needed to “get to the top of Google” varies based on your campaign settings and—most importantly—the competitiveness of your industry.

Big Boom Design can help setup and/or maintain your Google Adwords campaign. Don’t let your competition walk all over you with big advertising budgets. We can help design a strategy that works within your monthly budget and pinpoints the keywords that trigger a sale, phone call, contact form, pdf download, class registration, or whatever else your specific goal may be.

Check out our class schedule for an upcoming Google Analytics or Google Adwords class offered near your location.