Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo SquareGoogle has changed the way we live our lives in more ways than we can measure. However, one thing we can measure (thanks to Google) is the traffic that interacts with our websites. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps web designers and site owners track incoming traffic to determine what that traffic is doing while on the website. It also tells us valuable information about how those site visitors found the website to begin with. Did they search on Google for the services you offer? If so, what keyword did they type in? What city are they searching from? All of these questions can be answered through the use of Google Analytics.

At Big Boom Design we make sure Google Analytics is installed on every website we build. This information is at the core of the design and content updates we perform on our clients’ sites. The data can also be used to thoroughly identify keywords to use while setting up an effective Google Adwords Campaign. near your location.