Boomer Sassman, ready to help local Asheville small business owners understand how the internet relates to their business.

Attention business entrepreneurs!

Owner of Big Boom Design, Boomer Sassman, will be teaching a FREE class this coming Wednesday, (August 22) in the AB-Tech small business incubator facility on the Enka-Candler campus. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about some of the most useful web tools that can be used to simplify your business.

Don’t run from business web tools! Learn about the relevant ones and harness your ability to use them properly and efficiently. The main objective of this class is to make you feel comfortable with these programs, and to teach you how to implement them into your daily business life. After this class you can become current and confident with the way you integrate the internet and your business with one another.

The class is free, and many of the programs Boomer will be talking about—are also free. So grab your laptop (ideally with a charged battery), notebook, pen, and maybe a friend—and meet us in room 1039 at the Small Business Center at 3:00pm. The class will run until 6:00pm.

Click here to register, click this link and see steps listed below: 

  1. You should land on the “Continuing Education Screen”, click “OK”
  2. Click “Continuing Education Students” on the right.
  3. On the next screen, on the left side there will be two tiny links, click the one that says “Economic & Workforce Dev/Continuing Education Classes”
  4. For the “Start Date”, enter “Spr/Sum April 1-August 31”
  5. The only other field you need to fill out is the “Search Course Code Number” field
  6. In the “Search Course Code Number” field enter: SBC-2400-100EN
  7. Click “Submit”, and all the information you will need for the class is right there!

Official course description listed below:

“This course will help to educate business owners on web-based resources and tools that can help streamline day-to-day operations for their business and alleviate stress from the digital world.  The goal is to help raise the level of comfort and understanding when it comes to the internet as it continues to embed itself into more and more areas of one’s business.  Topics covered include: website tracking using Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, blogging platforms, WordPress, social media basics, and many web-based applications that are free to use online (Evernote, Dropbox, AnyMeeting, Mint, etc.).”