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How to quickly find your Long Tail Terms

They say “keywords make the world go-round” but I disagree. In my opinion, Long-Tail-Terms make the world go-round. We all know it’s important to identify the keywords that drive traffic to our websites. In other words, how did people find us through Google. Did they search for your company name, a product or service that your company offers or maybe some crazy misspelling of your full name. Google Analytics is the tool that we typically use to help peel back the layers of the onion and get to the organic keyword list. SOOOOO Much Data in Google Analytics One problem with Google Analytics is that it collects SO MUCH DATA. How do you quickly drill down to identify the important information and not get lost in all the superfluous data? First I’ll explain how to get to the Organic Keyword section inside of Google Analytics and I’ll follow up with a few tweaks you can make in order to sort the data to be a bit more useful. Log Into Google Analytics here: If you have multiple accounts you might need to select the correct Analytic Property from the drop-down at the top left. Drill down using the vertical menu on the left of the screen to get to Acquisition – All Traffic – Channels. You should now be looking at a list of all the “Channels” that drive traffic to your website. You’ll probably see a list...